Townpages United vs BIThe70s – Fylde Coast League

The Team, April 16, 2010 @ 9:48 am 0

A crack football squad has been formed from the Townpages office team and includes Nick from Web Optimisation up front, Mark from IT providing excellent link up play and a defensive line up largely policed by the directorial team and including Steve “The Cat” in goal.

At this level there are no easy games, but class started to tell almost immediately. Stroking the ball smoothly around the park, goal after goal went in for Townpages United. Their bitter rivals BIThe70s coped well with the onslaught but defensively started to lose their heads. At the other end of the park, Steve was tested on one or two occasions but was not found wanting with reflexive saves from close range. After 45 mins it was 5-0 but football is a game of two halves and Townpages United knew they couldn’t take anything for granted.

Trotting out after a slice of orange for Townpages United, and the hairdryer treatment for BIThe70s, the game carried on from where it was left off. After another 45 minutes of Brazilian samba football BIThe70s were sick as parrots, Townpages United were over the moon and at the final whistle the score showed the final result to be 12-2.

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