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The World Cup is here. It is very exciting. However, in the cultural melting pot that is Townpages, we have a wide range of people and not all of these people are as excited as others. Townpages needed a leveller, a way for everyone to gasp with the thrills, roll with the defeats and generally maintain interest throughout this long process of working out the best footballing nation in the World. We have come up with the humble Sweepstake.

Every person is allocated a team from all the World Cup finalists and prizes are awarded for final position. What team is Olly from IT cheering for? Who is that bellowing for Ghana? Why is Jane from Accounts crying in a corner? Take a look here to see what team is linked with which person and come back for regular updates.

Aaron – South Africa
Adam – Slovakia
Andy – Netherlands
Carlo – Germany
Chris – Ghana
Dave – Uruguay
Dawn – Japan
Donna – Korea
Dugie – Serbia
Gemma – England
Joe Black – Paraguay
Joe P – Australia
John – New Zealand
Julia – U.S.A
Karen – Portugal
Lynn – France
Matt – Italy
Michelle – Spain
Natalie – Cameroon
Nick – Algeria
Olly – Mexico
Patrick – Honduras
Phil – Denmark
Sandra – Chile
Sarah – Greece
Sharon – Nigeria
Steve A – Argentina
Steve C – Korea Republic
Stuart – Switzerland
Vaughan – Cote D’Ivoire
Womble – Slovenia
Zach – Brazil

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