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Big or small – it PAYS to ADVERTISE – especially when you don’t have to PAY to do it!

We know you’re aware of the value of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to get your company on the tips of customer tongues, but here’s a way to get them not only talking about you but also doing business with you: Google Places. This is one of the most valuable (and FREE!) resources offered by Google – one that is dedicated to bringing customers straight to you.

Google data recently stated that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online…and if details of your business and its location are flagged up on Google Places, there’s every chance that, thanks to this savvy little resource, they’ll very quickly find their way to you!

And tapping into the benefits of this free advertising couldn’t be easier. Just follow these simple steps:

1) Visit

2) If you already have a Google email account (a Hotmail or Gmail account), sign in on the right side of the screen under ‘Get your business found on Google’…

(If you don’t have a Google email account, visit and click on ‘Mail’ in the top navigation and then click on ‘Create an account’, completing and submitting the registration form you will have opened)

3) …email account sorted and opened, click on ‘Get started’
4) You’ll see a box to your right featuring your email address
5) Enter your registered password and click ‘Sign in’

This opens a straightforward form that will ask for information relating to your business – some mandatory, some optional

6) Besides inputting your business name, phone numbers, address, etc. you can even upload a shop front photo or video!

The more information you add, the better.

7) Then simply choose whether you’d prefer to verify your new account via telephone or mail.

When you’ve submitted your entry, you will receive an email giving you a PIN to confirm and publish your entry – then when people visit Google to look for businesses in your sector, thanks to Google Places, they’ll see your name, location, postal and email addresses, telephone number – whatever details you’ve entered! All for FREE!

While there’s nothing to pay, the potential benefits are of massive value to your business!

It hardly needs saying, but Google is used by millions of people every day – among them are existing and potential new customers for your business.

When somebody enters Google Search or Google Maps Search that features your keywords, your listing appears.

Big or small – your business is seen to be totally professional, switched on and completely up-to-date – as you can amend your entry whenever you want, and it will be changed on the site in a matter of days.

All for FREE!!

But remember, like in all aspects of business, there is always competition for that competitive edge, so check back next month and we’ll share with you some great tips to optimise your account, and get your business going Google Places!

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