Marketing Matters: Find Your Competitor’s Keywords!

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Good SEO performance isn’t just about knowing which keywords and phrases to use – knowing what your competitors are doing can help too!

The best way to maximise the number of visitors to your website is to make use of the words and phrase that the search engine is looking for when a user clicks on the ‘search’ button.

So here’s how you can gain an insight into what words your competitors are using to make sure that their website is near the top of the list of ‘results’…

• Find a competitor’s website (if you don’t know any, try searching some keywords relevant to your business and location in Google)
• When you’ve found one, click through to its homepage.
• Next, right click your mouse
• This opens a table of options – click on ‘view source’
• This will bring up an HTML coded page (Tech-jargon!), but it looks like very ‘basic’ text.
• Look down through this page for ‘keywords’
• This is where you’ll find your competitors’ keywords! For example, if you’re checking a building/construction-related website, you might see words like ‘timber’ or ‘kitchens’. So, when a customer types any of these keywords into Google search, this website will eventually come up.

Make a note of the most frequently used words, but also keep a look out for words that aren’t as common – these keywords may explain why your competitors are experiencing more hits! You’ll be an SEO Expert in no time!

And be sure that your website makes full use of keywords that elevate your ranking in search results!

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