Problem Pinboard: Finding your Ads on Google UK

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Good Day Townpagers!

We’ve found that some of you have been struggling to find your ads on Google UK. We’ve been looking into it and found a simple solution…


1) Clear your Cache

The first port of call is to Clear your Cache. As this is usually the problem.

To do this, click the following link and follow the simple instructions from the Google team:  Clear Cache


This page explains how to clear your cache depending on the web browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc)


2) Clear Google’s Personalised Search Results

If your ads are still not showing, try clearing Google’s Personalised Results.

To do this, click the following link, and again, follow the instructions from the Google team:   Clear Personalised Results


This page explains how to clear Google’s personalised search results whether you are signed in as a Google user or not.


3) If you still can’t see your ads online, please call your dedicated account manager and we will be happy to rectify any issues.

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