Pinboard Problem: Track Your Own Keywords

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A lot of our customers have been asking if they can measure the performance of certain keywords in their campaign without having to ring their account manager…

…we’ve come up with the solution!


1) Install Google Analytics on your website – Read this post if you haven’t set up Google Analytics already.

2) Then give your account manager a call to “tag” the keywords in your campaign.

3) This will let you see how many times your phrases are being searched for as they will appear in your Google Analytics package under Traffic Sources as ‘Townpages (Google Fixed Fee)’.

This will allow you to keep track of your own statistics and deduce which of your phrases are performing well… or which ones aren’t. If you find that a particular phrase isn’t coming up with the goods, contact your account manager and we can arrange a changeover.

It’s as simple as that!

Townpages are an AdWords Certified Partner

“Globally recognized stamp of approval which showcases knowledge of the latest AdWords tools and best practice techniques”

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