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As seen last month: Google Analytics is the free and easy way to check out who is checking you out. With GA, you can find out who is visiting your website, what they are looking for and how they’re getting there. Now we’ll show you how to organize that data so it’s an even more efficient traffic-monitoring tool…



As Promised…

You’ve signed up to Google Analytics and now you’re ready to get organized and whip those reports into shape. Whatever shape works best for you.

If you missed our tutorial last month, have a look so you’re up to speed. Once you’ve signed up and have analysed your data a few times, you may decide you’d like to see specific things in a specific way. Now you can. Follow this guide, and we’ll teach you how to create bespoke reports, so you can see the information you want, organized the way you want.


How to Organise Your Traffic: Step by Step

1. Once you’re signed in to Google Analytics, click on the ‘custom reporting’ button

2. Then, hit the ‘create new custom report’ on the top right of this screen

3. Here is where you’ll need to decide what it is you’d like to see. You need to choose one or more metrics and a dimension. For example, if you wanted to see how many visits or new visits (metrics) for each city (dimension) this is where you would choose.

4. Either find or search for (top left) what you’d like: visits, new visits, etc. and drag your choice over to an empty ‘metric’ position. Metrics are blue. You can choose more than one here, depending on how detailed a report you would like.

5. Next, you’ll need to pick a ‘dimension’. Dimensions are green. You can search and find these in the same way as your ‘metrics’. Once you’ve chosen (city, etc.), drag and drop your choice to the empty slot labelled ‘dimension’

6. Now you can title your report, at the top of this page

7. Save your report by clicking ‘create report’

8. Now, you’ll have your report! You’ll see a row on the left, with each city (or a list of whatever type of ‘dimension’ you chose), and then one, or more, rows of ‘metrics’.

Ta-da! Now you can have a more detailed, more organized report of exactly the criteria that you’d like to see of your website traffic. If you want to get even more detailed, you can go to and watch an online tutorial showing you how. You can also learn more about keywords, engaging with and converting more customers and how to best target certain markets.

Well done! You’re all set to strengthen your marketing initiatives. Townpages are more equipped than ever to help you make the most of this brilliant business tool, too – we have Google Analytics Qualified Individuals! Why not get in touch and we can talk you through the benefits?

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