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Social media, once the bane of every boss’s existence in the workplace, now sits more comfortably than suits, ties and cold coffee under the big business networking umbrella.

As you know, networking is key to any business, regardless of the sector and Twitter is a great platform for it. Although signing up and being ‘involved’ is great, increasing the visibility of your business profile is very important.

Try these tips on promoting your profile, and see if you can reel in the attention of more consumers and potential industry partners:

Networking on Twitter


1) Use your personalized URL to promote your Twitter profile

  • When you created your Twitter account, your username (e.g. @LDNscaffolding) becomes part of your URL ( This URL links directly to your Twitter page.
  • Email this URL out, and share it on your website. It’s the fastest way for others to find you on Twitter.
  • When clicking your URL and signing up to Twitter, the viewer automatically starts following you. This means you’ve got another follower and will be visible to even more!
2) Be visible in Search
  • To make sure your account comes up in Twitter Search, fill out your username, full name, bio, etc. completely.  Ensure they contain keywords that you’d like to be associated with your business and Twitter account, too. (*note: If you make any changes to these, it normally takes 1-2 days for results to update)
  • Keep tweeting! The more your account is active, the more prominence it has, and the more your account will be visible.
3) “Warm Sign Up” – be a source of info
  • When Twitter users sign up through your URL, you can present them with a list of recommended Twitter accounts to follow. This feature is called a “Warm Sign Up”.
  • It’s likely that followers of your account will probably have similar interests – whether they are potential customers or industry competitors! Either way, growing your network is the important thing, and the more you can do that, the better. Plus, being a source of info and inspiration for others, will give your account and business even more attention.
  • To activate Warm Sign Up, follow these steps:
1) From your account, chose your ‘best sites’ and create a Twitter list
2) Name your list
3) In the description of your list, include #WelcomeToTwitter, so Twitter knows to offer it to new users. Done!


Using social media sites like Twitter can be a never-ending resource for networking, you just need to know the best ways to make it work for your small business! For help with this or any other networking tips, get in touch with Townpages HQ, we’re always happy to help. Happy networking!

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