Twitter for Small Businesses: 7 Reasons…

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These days, everyone and their dog is on Twitter. 140 characters for complaints, boasts, news updates – you name it – any type of information worth sharing, and an entire universe of web surfing eyes to see it. It’s FREE, it’s simple, and it’s available to anyone hooked up to the web. It’s only logical that small businesses should take advantage of ‘The Tweet’, and here are 7 reasons why…

It’s a pretty solid guarantee that anyone in the ‘in’ crowd is on Twitter. And sure, it’s a great way to get your opinion heard and meet new personalities, but it can also be used as an incredibly large (and priceless) ear, which small businesses can use to listen to their customers.

It seems that Twitter is following the same trendy path that blogs once roamed. At first, there were a significant few, and mainly for personal use. Then, blogs became more of a ‘scene’ and gained über popularity, and numbers started to soar, as did the expansion of use – businesses started to realize there was something going on in blog world.

As is the case with Twitter – something is definitely going on, on Twitter.

Have a read of these top 7 answers to ‘why?’ (in order from least to most important), and you may find yourself tweeting sooner than you thought.  It’s definitely worth getting involved.


1.)    Everyone and their dog…

Like we said before – everyone is doing it! From the bap shop down the road to the big fish downtown, it’s on the tips of everyone’s fingers. Get involved!


2.)    In-crowd status

Having a website just isn’t enough anymore. Participating in Twitter and other social media platforms means you’re business is down-with-the-kids, so to speak. Customers will want to engage with a business that knows what’s what.


3.)    Spread the word – fast

It’s no good having a promotion that nobody knows about. New products, events, announcements – with current and potential customers (or even just people they interact with) being on Twitter, you can let them know what’s going on with the click of a button.


4.)    Keeps you on top of your game (industry)

By using you can find out what’s being said about your company, and its competitors. This means that you can remain aware of what’s going on in your industry and what to do about it.


5.)    Refines your brand

Twitter means interacting with your audience, which is totally different than speaking at them. Consumer behavior has changed, and they refuse to be spammed! Having a Twitter account gives an image of your business that wants to interact and listen, not yell. It’s no wonder customers like this – wouldn’t you?


6.)    Networking top tool

There are opportunities galore to meet and interact with new clients and business contacts you wouldn’t normally have had the chance to. Twitter makes that possible. (Read more on networking with Twitter in the Simon Says section of this blog)


7.)    Customer engagement

The number ONE reason to use Twitter to help your business leap into the ‘now’. Yes, Tweeting gives you a voice to an audience you may not have had before, but more importantly, gives you an ear.  Hearing first-hand opinions and suggestions from your target clientele is invaluable!  Having the opportunity to find out what they like or dislike about your products and services, as well as hearing what they’d like changed is any business’s dream.


And there you have it – 7 answers to ‘why should I bother with Twitter?’. Bother you must. A little bird told us, there are potential customers, business contacts and key insights out there waiting for you to tap in.

Check back next month, where we’ll have some suggestions on standing out among the madness that is Christmas. We’ll be sharing tips on clearing clutter and putting forth a new face for your small business! See you then.

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