Marketing Matters: Snail Mail’s Prettier Sister!

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When you go through your mail in the morning, what do you do with most of the Direct Marketing you find? Probably toss it in the bin (unless, of course, there’s a nifty little sample – we all love a sample).

But, it’s true. The majority of us will throw away most of the ‘deals’ that hit our mail boxes. So, we’ve got a far better solution for you that will grab the attention of your target market…


Email marketing!


And before you say it, it isn’t SPAM. There’s a big difference. Email marketing is optional, your customers can request to receive things from you, and can also opt out whenever they feel like it. SPAM belongs in sandwiches, not inboxes.

On a serious note, people do check their email every day. It seems only logical that you might want to put yourself there for a bit of attention. And emails can simply do so much more than Direct Mail can. When is the last time a piece of Direct Mail played you an inspiring video, or directed you to something of interest with the click of your finger? Exactly.

If you’re an SME, then customer retention is probably pretty high on your priority list. To stay at the forefront of consumer minds and remind them of you on a daily basis, here are three tips that may help you do just that.


1. Send a thank-you and confirmation of order


Send a thank-you and confirmation of orderA bit like the old days, but there is nothing nicer than a ‘thank for your custom’ note, especially if it contains handy information like delivery status or offers. Customers like being appreciated. After all, they are spending their hard-earned cash with you. Plus, if you can let them know when something will be delivered or ready for pick up, or even just a confirmation of their purchase, they will appreciate your proactive approach in saving them the hassle of finding out for themselves.


2. Try sending a newsletter or monthly email


Try sending a newsletter or monthly emailThis really helps build relationships with your customers. One thing to remember, though, is not to only discuss things concerning your business (even though you’ve got a lot to offer!). Try and tell them about other things, events and services, or ideas that might interest them. This will mean that your email or newsletter will be something to look forward to every month, as a source of information. For example, if you’re in the health food sector, you might send out recipes, etc. for healthy living – mixed with a few of your products and services too, of course.


3. Send an e-brochure


Send an e-brochureThis alternative to a handheld, conventionally mailed brochure will save big money in the long run – and in the short. Print costs these days are scary enough, not to mention the thought of your beautifully designed brochures going straight into the bin at some households. E-brochures hold just as much information, and can be just as beautifully designed – sometimes more so. They can include photos, offers, etc. and can be sent in real time, which means your customers can start viewing the benefits asap, rather than waiting for the post.


So there you have it: three reasons we think Email Marketing can solve some financial, and practical problems for your SME. However, before you test any of them out, be sure that the information (ie. Email addresses) that you acquire are gained the legal way – volunteered by your customers, or their referrals. Why not try a pro forma on your counter or on your website that your customers can fill out that promises some interesting information?


Like any form of marketing, it’s best to find out the legalities of it all – but in doing so, you can’t lose! And you certainly won’t be accused of wasting paper (or money, or time, or…). Check your December newsletter for some great seasonal emailing ideas that will help you stand out in the festive fury!


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