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Sleigh bells will ring, and so will your telephone lines! Christmas is on the way whether you’re prepared for it or not. To make sure your networking skills are up to scratch, have a read through these tips and tricks for capitalising on the perfect time to launch your networking career.

Christmas for most businesses is a busy time. And if you let it, it can also be full of opportunities.

First of all, we recommend celebrating. Yup, you got it – have some sort of Christmas party or get together for your colleagues. It will boost morale and keep them happy during the mayhem that Christmas generally brings. Secondly – it’s nice to have something to invite current clients and potential customers to as well. And if you can, snag an invite to other Christmas events – that’s where the real networking begins.


Townpages Christmas Networking Tips


Have a read of the teaser-tips below (the next five to follow next month, when Christmas is really upon us). They should help you keep your cool, and maybe even enjoy yourself!


Christmas Networking


1. Maintain Focus


A little known fact: networking (particularly at Christmas time) isn’t about meeting as many people as you can. It’s about building relationships with the key people that you do meet. So we suggest not running around with your hand ready to shake the arm off of anyone that’ll take it.


2. Have Ample Supply of Business Cards


There’s nothing worse than not having a card to hand out when you need it most, and need them you surely will.


3. Write Reminders


When you’re on the receiving end of a business card, try and scribble down a few notes about that person or their business, something of a reference point to refer to when you follow up with them. They’ll be surprised, and probably flattered that you ‘remembered’. Little do they know…


4. Get in the Spirit of Giving


Give referrals! The best form of advertising has always been through referrals, and you wouldn’t believe how well the ‘get what you give’ motto works with this one. Go on, give it a try.


5. Put Yourself Out There


Introduce yourself. Tis the season! This is one of those times of year when people don’t mind being introduced to new people, in fact – they expect it. Christmas tends to put people in a better mood anyway, you might be received better than you expect.

Those are our ‘teaser-tips’ for this month, the next (and really helpful) five will come in your December newsletter, just in time for Christmas craziness! Hopefully they’ll come as a welcome breath of fresh air, and help you be totally prepared for what the festive season has in store for your business, and your networking career!

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