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Facebook is an exceptional, little-to-no cost platform to market your SME. It’s a very powerful tool, if you know how to use it.

By using Facebook to promote your business or brand, you can engage with current and potential customers. You can also promote your day-to-day goings on, offers and deals. Best of all, you can ask questions and get real answers, as well as see what your customers ‘Like’ or don’t like, while viewing what sort of information they choose to share with their friends. Plus, you can have a peak at what your competitors are doing online, and how they’re using Facebook to promote their business and offers, (in other words, you can use your competitors as what works and what doesn’t!). See if you can find out what generates heavier footfall and greater consumer following, then make changes accordingly.

Below are three steps to setting up a Facebook Business Page, as quoted by the Facebook for Business site, so that your customers will be able to directly engage with, share, and be connected to your business and it’s products and services. Your Page will turn Facebook members into customers through Word of Mouth Marketing (that old chestnut), and turn customers into ‘fans’ and ‘friends’ of your brand and business.

First, go to www.facebook.com/business, then:


Step 1: Create your Page






  • Add content

This means bulk your profile up with all sorts of necessities: location (so your customers can physically find you), links (so your customers can find you on the www), opening hours, contact information, menus, etc. Any information that relates to your business, in your brand tone, so new customers can get to know your business.

  • Claim your Place

A Facebook Place is similar to a Google Place. It allows you to connect your physical shop or office location to your Facebook Page, so people can Check In, and their Friends can see them do it.

Facebook Places: These allow customers to Check In when they enter your physical business location, and share it with friends via Facebook.

Check In: Facebook users use this tool to let other users know where they are, and when.

  • Invite your customers

Advertise your Facebook Page by adding links to it on your website and by promoting the URL on promotional media like flyers, in-store signs, etc. Include a ‘Like’ button on your Page to allow customers to share what they like about it with their friends.


Step 2: Engage your customers







  • Join the conversation

Post regular updates to your Page, as well as exclusive deals and offers for Facebook users who ‘Like’ your Page. This will drive customer engagement as well as your online presence in general.

  • Build deep relationships

Respond to customer comments! One of the best ways to promote customer engagement on your brand Page is to directly interact with them. It’ll keep them coming back.

  • Gain valuable insights

Always be aware of how your customers are interacting with your Page and competitors Pages, so you can make adjustments according to your findings.


Step 3: Promote your business







  • Create Ads

Try your hand at Facebook Ads, for targeted ads that could generate yet more awareness. These ads do come at a price though, so it’s best to look into them.

  • Run Sponsored Stories

These are like time-lines that show friends of you customers and fans they are engaging with your brand, either by checking in, liking your Page, writing on your Page’s wall, etc.

For more information about Facebook for Business, as well as a short film explaining how it can help promote your brand, check out www.facebook.com/business. That’s also where you can find further details on things like Check-ins, Sponsored Stories, Facebook Ads and more! 

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