Marketing Matters: A Christmas Card

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Standing out from the crowd amongst all the chaos that is Christmas can be a tough task for an SME. But, as a follow-up to last month’s Marketing Matters about Email Marketing, we’ve got some tips for Seasonal Email Marketing that should help you do just that. Yes, you guessed it – it’s the E-Card.

Love it or hate it, and e-card can have big benefits for a small company. Now here’s the why and how:


Inform customers in a unique way

First and foremost, you might have changed hours of operation, or even be closed for some of the holidays – an e-card is a great way to let people know, and also allows you to do it in your own creative way.


Save, save, save

Time, money, even the environment. Whichever means the most to you, it’ll make a difference! (And feel free to mention the latter savings in your e-card, certain customers like knowing that a business they support cares about the environment). Save money on postage and printing costs, as well as time signing and sending.


Gain clientele

If you do something special for your customers this time of year like vouchers, etc. (which we suggest you do), an e-card is a great way of sending it, which means it’s also a great way of acquiring new contacts. Let your customers know that you’ll be sending out a voucher or a seasonal offer in your Christmas e-card, and they should be happy to give you their contact details – which you can then use year round to let them know of exciting new things happening in-store or online.


Make an impression

When you do something like an e-card, make sure it’s filled with your brands’ tonality and personality. This gives your customers a real sense of who your brand is and what it stands for. Plus, if you have chosen them to receive your Christmas e-card, even if it is to keep them up-to-date with a change of hours, it shows that you value their business and wish them all the best in the New Year. Who doesn’t appreciate a message like that?


Oh, and one more thing – keep a lookout for our Christmas email! This year we’re supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and for every opened Christmas Email we send, we’re donating £1 to the organisation. Why not follow in our footsteps and pick a charitable organisation of your own? Happy Christmas, and Merry Marketing!

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