Simon Says… Unwrap the Gift of Gab this Christmas – Part 2

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As we mentioned last month, Christmas is one of the busiest times for most businesses, but if you let it – can also be full of opportunities.

Following last months first five tips on launching your social networking career this Christmas, here are the next five:

(For a reminder of last months first five, click here.)


Be interested

Have you ever heard the term “two ears, one mouth”? Well, think about it. Listen, and then ask questions. People like to be listened to, and they like to be asked questions! It shows them you’re interested. They will enjoy that, and also remember it.


Follow up

No matter the depth of conversation or even how short, follow it up. If you get a business card or some contact details, use them!


Keep promises

This should always be high on the priority list. If you make a promise to contact or send information to a potential client, make sure you do it. Following through on a promise can set up a new relationship that may last a long time.


Don’t sell!

Whatever you do – don’t be trying to close deals. Networking at this time of year is simply about meeting people. The deal closing can come with the New Year.



Last, but most certainly not least, relax. Just be you. Focus on meeting new people, not just business.


Christmas really can be full of networking opportunities, so get in the mix, and try a couple of these hints. Even if you only meet one new great contact – that’s one more than you had before. And remember, people flock to those who are generally happy and up for a good conversation, so you might find that the more you enjoy yourself, the more others will too!

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