January – A New Year, A New Plan!

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Now is the time to reflect, assess your past year, and target areas of improvement so your SME can grab 2012 by the pockets and purses, and boost your business!

Here are our top 5 tips to make this New Year a prosperous one for your SME:



Take stock, make a plan

Now is the best time to have a look at how your company has fared over the past 12 months. Highlight areas of success, and areas that need improvement. This will make planning for 2012 easier, and much more effective.


Get your people involved

Sometimes it isn’t just your customers you should be listening to. Get together with your staff and discuss the state of business. Involve them in this year’s new plan; they may have some valuable insights that you’ve overlooked or not considered. Plus, chatting with your staff is the best way to know what’s happening inside your business, and what opportunities lay ahead.


Early spring cleaning

You might think it’s premature, but this kind of spring cleaning can be done any time of year; clean up the physical (shop/office) and the web based (inboxes!). In order to foresee a fresh new year, things shouldn’t be chaotic or messy; you need breathing room to be productive!


Make your job easier

This is a very important step, which is often overlooked. For many small business owners, the work is never done. That’s because they do everything! A great quality to have is the ability to delegate. If you are feeling exhausted, like most SME owners are, simplifying your job can really help. Assess what’s important for you to be doing, and what isn’t. You’ll more than likely have a workforce of at least one person who can pick up some of the jobs that you’re doing and don’t have to. Simplify, simplify, simplify.


Get away

This is the other most important step. It sounds easier said than done, but it’s often not. Take a trip, or at least a small break away from work. Most business owners fail to take this step and end up burned out. Often, a mini breather can make a world of difference. You’ll come back to the office feeling fresh and full of ideas!


Never underestimate the importance of setting goals throughout the year, or taking a step back to view your business as a whole. When you do, everything starts to work a whole lot better. Happy New Year and happy planning, from our bizz to yours!

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