Marketing Matters: Tips for 2012!

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This year’s New Years resolutions should be all about fattening up your client lists and profit margins, and this little step-by-step guide will go hand in hand with fresh PR and Marketing plans, to do just that.




Take time

First thing’s first, if you haven’t already planned everything out down to the very last detail, do so – but don’t rush it. Hold all calls, switch on the out-of-the-office email and prepare to be a while. Good planning can’t be done on your lunch break.


Identify your core customers

These are the ones you want to be targeting, for the biggest returns. Spotting your core customer shouldn’t be very difficult; who are the ones that are spending the most money with your company? How often are they making purchases? What are they purchasing?


Know who’s paying the bills

The bulk of your profits will probably be coming from one or two key areas. It’s good to know what these areas are if you, like most SME’s, have a limited marketing budget. Maximum returns come from putting your money where it will get the best response.



Giving out too much information all at once can often lead to confusion. Try to focus on one or two products or services that are your company’s key offerings. Then you can clearly and effectively tell your market exactly who you are, what you do and how you do it better than anyone else.


Understand the competition

Take in what ‘the other guys’ are doing. See which marketing approaches work and which don’t. Then, after reviewing how your competitors are marketing themselves and what they claim to do, you can position yourself differently – and stand out.


Keep it real

Now you know what you want to say, whom you want to say it to and how you want to say it – but be realistic. With this knowledge on board you’re ready to take action with your PR and marketing plan, but don’t set yourself unrealistic goals; make sure your plan is achievable within your budget and time scale.


Be consistent

Try and space out your marketing efforts; ‘little and often’ should be this year’s mantra. One huge shouting campaign followed by a year of silence isn’t going to wear out your receipt paper, but small and consistent messages every week or month will get picked up on the radar of potential customers. Your messages will be better understood if they are consistent and regular.


These tips may seem like given steps for most marketing campaigns, but you’d be surprised how important they are; knowing exactly who your target market is, precisely what you want to say to them, how you want to say it, and how often, are all integral parts of any strategy aimed at delivering profitable returns. Use them all, and this year you’ll be ringing in 2012 to the sound of customer footfall.

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