Marketing Matters: February Marketing Tips

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Hunting and gathering

So, you probably did some promotional work over the holidays to fatten up your email list… well now is the time to get it together and get it organised. Build a list of contacts willing to receive your email or newsletter, and keep it up to date. And remember, your ‘hunting’ phase doesn’t need to stop when the Christmas season does – websites are a great place to get on-going sign-ups too. Add a click-box to a side frame of your site, and viewers will have the opportunity to sign-up on every page.

Strip it back

When receiving emails, nothing is worse than a page so busy it becomes unreadable. Keep the design of your newsletters interesting – but simple! Break up big blocks of copy with relevant pictures or blocks of colour. Keep copy as short and sweet as possible, make bold positive statements that make your company and its products and services shine. Remember, viewers can go to your website for all the information they want, the email is just a taster of your business, and a teaser of the benefits you provide.

Keep it legal

Direct marketing can be tricky when it comes to the law and there are many guidelines we can forget to follow. For starters, check out the Wikipedia entry on email marketing for an overview of laws in various countries including the UK. Also, industry regulators like the Direct Marketing Association issue codes of practice, which you can follow. If you ever have any questions about legalities and can’t find an answer online, just consult with a solicitor – we always advise you do this before taking any action that you aren’t sure of.

Shout to action

Every good marketing email ends with a great call to action. A “Find out more”, “Buy now” or “Visit our website” is a must-have. Sending a fantastic newsletter is great, but if you don’t push your readers to take action, more often than not, they won’t.

Track results

How else will you know how well (or not) your email marketing has performed? Always remember to track actions and conversions. A great way to track how many click-through’s you’re getting to your website from emails is to use Google Analytics. With this handy tool you can also find out how individual emails or individual links within them are doing. For our ‘how-to’ on Google Analytics, see our previous blog post on the subject here and see what works best for your customers!

You could consider these ‘reminders’, rather than ‘tips’ as we know you’re probably aware of the basics to email marketing, but having a ‘basics checklist’ isn’t such a bad idea. The most successful email marketing campaigns out there will have been checked and checked again for things just like this. It can’t hurt!

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