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So, some of you are wondering what the benefits are of using social media to promote your business. Good question! We can all see that social media is a great way to network, but these sites can also lead to more important things, like SALES.



The thing to remember when using a social networking site to represent your business is that by building relationships with prospective customers you have the potential to gain loyal customers for life. Now, when using online tools for this purpose, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Be nice

Yes, sounds silly to be reminding you this – but if you appear to be pompous or a ‘know-it-all’ on the Internet, no one will want to engage with you.

Know your client base

Are your customers using Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Reading blogs? Newspapers? You get the picture. Find out where your customers are having conversations and go there – don’t waste precious time and effort where it won’t get any response.

Seek out your next conversation

Try sites like and find people who are talking about your industry or related keywords. Then comment, retweet, share links, answer questions – add value to their network and a relationship will naturally be formed.

Realise the importance of relationships over ‘leads’

Building a trusting relationship with potential consumers means creating customers for life, as well as leads to more of the same – their friends and contacts.

Have conversations – don’t sell

Whether you realise it or not, by providing solutions to peoples problems (your product or service) and also offering suggestions as a friendly expert, you are selling without having to sell.

Consumer behaviour has changed. People don’t want to be shouted at, and they don’t have to be. Build great, trusting relationships with your audience, and you’ll have loyal customers for life. In a way, by using the latest networking platforms, you are actually harnessing the oldest advertising trick in the book: word of mouth. Priceless, and free!

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