5 Steps for Spring

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Spring is finally here! Well, almost. Mother nature is starting to wake up, with bright green leaves and bluer skies – it’s time to channel some of that energy into your business. Here are 5 ways to get ahead of the game, and be on top:

Tidy up the place!

Have a street-side location? Why not take a walk around and see if there are any loose ends that need tying; patches that need painting, windows that could do with a good scrub – what’s the state of your sign? Not only will you feel more calm and have more pep in your step when your location is looking its best, but your customers will feel it too – and that is always a good thing.

Get organised

It’s time to tidy up the inside of the office too – the shelves, the countertops, even the inside of drawers. Make some changes you’ve been wanting to – maybe you’ll go paperless this year? Saves the environment and having to file. Take a look at your daily processes when working, is there something you can do to make them more efficient? Perhaps you could take it one step further, and physically rearrange things in your workspace. Take time this spring and really get organised.

Review your online presence

Just like your physical space, be a bit critical of your online space, too. Is your site user-friendly and easy to navigate? Try watching someone you know check it out for the first time and see how he or she feels it works. Often having a fresh pair of eyes can really help. Is your call to action very clear? Does your website really represent your business and what you do? Make sure your website lives up to your business efforts and presents you properly, in a positive light.

Strip back your sales plan

Sales plans can often be overcomplicated and ignored. Do you drive sales direct to your target market, or do you just take what you can, when you can? Spring is a great time to simplify and be clear. Why not develop a profile of your ideal customer, and build a plan around selling to them? Try not to be all over the place, and regain focus. Your plan should be short, simple and straightforward – don’t bury yourself or your staff in paperwork. Also, if you have employees, this is a great time to get them involved in the process too, as some of them may have some valid inputs, and they’ll all be on board with the plan.

Cut costs

Cutting expenses is a great thing to try and do all year round, but while you’re reviewing how other things in your business are working, take a look at this area too. Particularly, review things like phone bills, Internet and mobile bills. You may be able to negotiate rates with your provider, and you might even find that by changing your usage payments you could save a pretty penny.  If you take a detailed look at your various budgets, your bound to find areas where you can cut back and save.


Take advantage of spring’s revitalizing qualities, and breathe some new life into your business!

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