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A common misconception is that landing pages should be treated like the final destination, an information dump. We say misconception because in actual fact your landing page should be more of a springboard to the rest of your site. It should encourage and entice your page viewers to carry on looking, and eventually purchasing. Here are 6 great tips for creating an effective landing page:


Be clear

Your ultimate goal should always be to convert prospective consumers into active customers. Once these prospects reach your landing page, you have the perfect chance. So, when designing your landing page you need to understand first exactly what action you’d like them to take, so you can encourage them to do so. Your Call to Action needs to be as clear as day, and be emphasized with space, colour, movement – whatever you think will work for your target market, and make them click.

Be consistent

This is important. Always remember that when prospective consumers arrive at your landing page, they’ve come from somewhere else. What this means is, if you have made a promise or statement with audiences in any other communications, that point needs to be carried through to your landing page. Your business proposition or offer needs to live up to the expectations you’ve already given.


The more cluttered and confused your landing page, the more confused your customer will be. The goal is to minimize distractions so viewers know where to look (Call to Action). Be sure to reduce font sizes and types – stick to one or two only. Remove any interactive images unless they directly support your offering. Studies have shown that people generally don’t read very much on the web, and the less content on the landing page the higher the conversion rate.

Be relevant

When it comes to using images to back up your offer, make sure they are relevant. It’s great to give visual representation of your business product or service as long as it doesn’t take away or distract your viewers’ attention from taking action. Don’t use images that are too large, too complex, and not clear enough. Always have a caption. People like to know what they are seeing – this part of your page they will be willing to read.

Show validation

Backing up your offering is never a bad idea. Consumers like to feel an affinity for your product or service, and that they aren’t alone. If you have any logos of well-known client brands, then use them liberally, like-wise with any customer testimonials.

Enable sharing

Using social media is fast becoming one of the best forms of advertising – especially if your customers are doing it for you! Be sure to enable sharing of your landing page for social networking sites like FaceBook and Twitter. The more exposure you get, the better! And if potential customers find out about your business via other consumers there is a far better chance of trust and future custom!


Simple, we know, but there really is an art to it! No rules necessarily, though. If you’re still feeling unsure about designing the perfect landing page, feel free to contact any advisers at Townpages – we’re experts! And we love a good chat about perfecting your online presence.

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