Simon Says: Break the Ice

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So, we’ve had a wet and wild winter once again and the economy hasn’t been doing amazingly well – but now is the best time to spark new relationships that could brighten up your workdays! Below is a little food for thought…




Be the first

Sure, sometimes when we go to a networking event we find ourselves a nice comfortable corner to stand in, preferably near the refreshments, and hope that the perfect person will come sauntering up to us. We also know that this very rarely happens. Why not put a spring in your step and use some of the potential that the air this time of year brings to make that first move. Go ahead and put yourself out there.


Make like the birds do

After a dreary and grey winter, isn’t it inspiring to hear the birds start chirping again? Set yourself a goal of really chatting to whomever waltzes through your doors. There’s nothing like walking into a place of business where people are laughing and chatting – about anything! It gives customers a nice feeling, and before you know it they’ll be joining the conversation too.



Now is the time to come out of your shell. Why not freshen up those business cards or email templates, and get them sent out? Be the first one to attract new business partners or customers with a fresh idea or campaign.



Now this may sound silly – but it’s probably one of the most important networking tactics of all. Smile! People are generally attracted to happy people. Even if you’re not feeling the most confident at a social function or even in your normal working day, try smiling. You’ll be surprised what a smile can do for both your own wellbeing, and others! You’ll be sharing that smile with someone else in no time.


This time of year is all about opening up and showing your true colours. Don’t let the winter chills keep you down any longer! Try and break old habits with some fresh new networking tactics, and turn them into traditions.


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