Google+ Tips for Local Marketing

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Google+ Tips for Local Marketing

What Is Google+?

Social Media is already recognised as a fantastic way to gain valuable marketing and target the right people for your products and services. Occasionally, however, the results can be a little hit and miss and you need something more targeted than the scattergun approach on many social media sites.


Google+ is a new social media website that brings together a collection of services that are already widely used and puts them all in one simple-to-use place that reflects real life. Instead of treating all online relationships as the same single relationship Google+ means that you can define social and professional relationships with your own definitions and choose how you relate to everyone on an individual basis.


Avoid sharing all your thoughts with everyone you know and just connect with who you want, when you want. You may have a team of people you regularly meet to discuss your area of business so instead of sharing your April forecasts with your auntie, create a +circle for business and only share within that circle. You can create as many +circles as you need to help you promote your business.


There are always people that you want to discuss specific areas of your business with, whether this is about the most useful accounting software or the best way to take your latest product to market. +sparks allows us to connect with the right people at the right time and keep up to date with all the latest developments.


We have all had an “instant message” or “ping” at an inconvenient time, +hangout makes this a thing of the past Google +hangouts are fantastic for certain businesses with live multi-person video available for conference calls or chatting with reps out on the road.


Most people use a mobile as a personal computer, the Google+ interface with your mobile is now seamless so you can still check monthly accounts, answer business queries and view daily forecasts when on the move.


In summary, Google+ is a flexible tool that gives you access to fantastic online promotion, up to date statistics about every aspect of your business while keeping in touch with your team or workforce. Take a look at Google+ and see how it can help your business.

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