Marketing Matters: Local Keyword Selection

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You know how important it is to be found on internet search engines and recognise that selecting the right keywords to promote your business, products or service can make all the difference.

The internet is both local and international, and the majority of our clients want to pick the right keywords to market locally for their customers. The purpose of this article is to help you select the right local keywords for your business.


1. Decide where you want to advertise.

This means the physical location of your business, the locations that you work in and the names of the areas that your clients consider they live in. Whether you are based in South London or in Bolton you need to establish all the areas you want to attract business in.


2. Decide what it is you sell.

Make a list of all the terms that would describe your services and be as niche or as specific as you want, these terms can all result in the right response that leads to a sale so are worth considering. Are you an Italian, Indian or Chinese restaurant? Do you clean domestic windows or only work with office blocks? Choose specific phrases that describe your business.

Now you have two lists that describe what your business provides and where your business operates. Using the keywords tool on Google (use this link) you can put these lists through the keyword tool and find out the number of searches on each phrase to compile a detailed list of local keywords that will work the best for your business.


3. Create long-tail, local keywords

Target longer variations of keyword like “commercial window cleaning Bolton” or “Italian restaurant Battersea”. This allows you to pinpoint relevant traffic at a cheaper price.


Getting the right local keywords is vital to getting the best results from your advertising spend on search engines. Your account manager is trained in this process and will be able to help you find the right keywords to suit your business.

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