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Pinterest is the latest social media site that marketers are talking about. Recently, Townpages has had a flurry of questions from our clients about how they can utilise Pinterest to generate business and network successfully. The purpose of this article is to answer the most popular questions and provide answers on how Pinterest can benefit your business.

What is Pinterest?

You can think about Pinterest as an online Pinboard that you use to share and organize the interesting things you find on the internet. Sharing your images on Pinterest is particularly easy to do.

Who uses Pinterest?

The users on Pinterest are split between business users and personal users while the gender split is weighted towards female users on a 70/30 split. This makes Pinterest a particularly valuable route to attracting female clients. For some wedding sites, for example, Pinterest now routes more referral traffic through than Twitter and Facebook put together.

How can I make Pinterest work for my business?

While the users on Pinterest may be weighted toward females the actual content is fairly evenly split or neutral in gender. Many sports teams are using Pinterest and the used car industry is finding it very useful, especially with the simplicity involved in sharing images on there.

Any business that will benefit from showing images of recent work like a newly refurbished bathroom, a well-designed loft conversion will find that setting up a Pinboard to show recent work will be highly beneficial. If you design and create cakes, build fitted wardrobes or take photographs you can show your most recent images on your Pinboard and this can be shared quickly and simply.

Using the Pinterest button

There are a variety of Pinterest buttons that you can add to your website to make it easy for people to share your products and services. When a [P] appears next to an item on your website the user can click it and share your business instantly on Pinterest. The button works exactly like a Facebook and Twitter button so we recommend that you use this in the same place you use your other social media sharing tools.

In Conclusion

Businesses that got on board with Facebook and Twitter in the early days before they became ubiquitous are the businesses that are benefiting the most through these routes to market. If you have a product that particularly appeals to female clients then you should use Pinterest right away, all other businesses will benefit from establishing themselves on here as soon as possible as this is one social media site that is bound to take off in a big way in the coming months.

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