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Recently there has been a great deal of research and fact finding about whether organic ranking on a Google search has any effect on Adword campaigns and vice-versa. Does a high organic ranking mean you no longer need to run an Adword campaign?  Or can high ranking organic listings make the Adwords campaign even more successful?


One of the ways you can test how results are affected is to take a site that has an Adwords campaign and is also performing well in organic ranking. You can then suspend the associated Adwords campaign, and compare the results before and after.

A report from Google in February 2012 showed that when doing this, 85% of clicks from the PPC (pay per click) Adwords campaign was lost and not recovered by a sufficient increase in clicks on the organic listing. If the budget for Adwords was decreased but not totally suspended, you had a loss of 80% of clicks.

The improvement due to high SEO (search engine optimisation) may be due to the added consistency of your message, the reassurance that your company is genuine or the fact that your customers get double the chance to see your company on one page and gives the customer two bites of the cherry.

However the process works for your individual business, PPC and SEO work together to maximise your company’s exposure on Google. This will give positive results to the companies that handle their internet presence correctly.

In conclusion, there is a direct business benefit from combining PPC and SEO strategy. CTR (click-through rate) tends to be higher if there is an associated organic listing that is performing well and appearing high up the listing. In fact, the higher the organic listing, the more successful the CTR becomes on the Adwords campaign so maximising your exposure is always a worthwhile exercise.

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