Steve Says: Keep Consistent Online

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Steve Says: Don't be Nervous

With so many opportunities to add your business profile to the web, your company name, address, phone number and other aspects of your “anchor identity” or NAP (from the Name, Address, Phone number) can become confused and contradictory online.

Your NAP information should remain the same across all websites as far as possible; this can mean in practice you avoid changing your company name, even when adding a new aspect to your business. You can also make sure that every online advert or information is anchored to the same page which makes it even easier for your clients to locate you and feel confident in who you are and what you do.

Another thing that all companies can do is to regularly search for your company online and if you are appearing on directory sites or review sites with a different NAP, contact them and make sure that the NAP information is the same as your core identity. Again, this maintains a consistent identity across all adverts and online exposure.

To make this work, you should stay just exactly the way you are. Avoid changing your business name; maintain the same phone number and check regularly to make sure that your core identity or NAP is not being contradicted elsewhere.

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