Marketing Matters: How To Add Social Buttons To Your Site

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Recent research has shown that only around 1 in 5 small to medium sized businesses are linking from their website to social media sites. With Social Media being such an integral part of online marketing activity we have written this article to help our clients get the most out of it and help you add specific Social Media links to your website.



Facebook’s Like Button

When a user wants to share your content on Facebook with other potential customers they can click the “Like” button and a story will appear in your user’s friends’ Facebook feed. This is a fantastic way to allow your users to share your products and services with people they have identified as having an interest in your business.

If you follow this link and put your details in the small question form then Facebook does the hard work for you and creates a code that simply needs to be pasted into your website. You will then be displaying a Facebook “Like” button on your website that allows easy sharing for your users.


Twitter’s Tweet Button

A “Tweet” button on a website makes sharing your website simple for all your website users that use Twitter, enjoy reading about your products and services and want to share with like-minded people. Using a “Tweet” button makes sharing your website quick and simple for the user and adds to your exposure online.

If you want to add a “Tweet” button click here and follow the instructions. There is more than one way to add the button but the Javascript method is the quickest and simplest way. You can specify what size, colour and position button you want to add to your site and then copy the relevant code to your webpage.


Google’s +1 Button

Clicking a Google +1 button is a fantastic way for your website users to share your information and give your business a public stamp of approval. With the ability for consumers to add comments and send your site to specific users it increases your exposure, to all the right people, with a personal recommendation from a person they trust.

Google + is perhaps the easiest button to add to your website. If you follow this link and select the size you want and the position you want it appear in, then the code is automatically generated ready for you to copy and paste directly into your website.



In Conclusion

Social media gives credence to your business by encouraging peer review, humanising your brand, and getting exposure in the right place. I have only covered the three most popular social media brands here, all the others have their own version, just check through their sites as well and see how easy it is to start promoting on there. Social Media is the next generation of “Recommendation & Word Of Mouth” advertising – make sure you are using social media in the best possible way!

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