Using Google’s Ad Extensions To Improve CTR

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Give potential customers more reason to click on your ad by extending the information alongside your standard ad. This extra information, known as an  “ad extension”, will appear with your ad on Google’s search engine results pages. We’re going to run through the different options available and how these might encourage consumers to interact even more than before.


Available Ad Extensions:

  • Product Extensions
  • Location Extensions
  • Call Extensions
  • Seller Ratings
  • Ad Sitelinks
  • Social Media Extensions


Product Extensions

Up to five pictures of your most popular products, or specific products linked with the search phrase, can be displayed to the Google user. You can show a brief description of the product with prices underneath and a direct link to purchase the displayed product. This is perfect to encourage speedy purchases of your products!


Location Extensions

If you have an actual storefront or premises for your business then a well-designed location extension will help potential customers locate your store and benefit from your services. An example of how this works was with a recent client who runs a local garage. Someone from outside the area was driving close to their location when their car radiator burst; they searched on Google for a local garage using their smartphone, used the location extension to find our client and dropped their car off for repair.


Call Extensions

With a call extension on your Google Adwords campaign it is much easier for a client to contact you. If a potential customer is searching online for a local restaurant to make a reservation then a call extension allows the customer to instantly link through from their smartphone with a single tap on the screen and be connected to your business almost instantly.





Seller Ratings

If your business relies on recommendation in order to help customers make a decision then displaying this on the Google Adwords text can be a fantastic way to encourage more visitors to your website. If you search on local children’s nurseries or emergency plumbers and within the Advert text it shows a 5 star rating from 3,000 reviews of your business then potential customers will be more likely to click on your business and find out more.


Ad Sitelinks

On your website there are often multiple pages with different information on them all. You may have a page dedicated to Testimonials, a Find Us page, a Product page or a Store Locator. By offering links from Google to specific pages you are able to offer the right information with 1-click to your potential customers.


Social Media Extensions

With the prevalence of Social Media links for certain types of business it makes sense to show this within your advert text. If 10 users of Google+ for example have “+1” your business this will be shown on the actual Adtext at the top of Google and encourage users to find out more.


What Next?

If you are interested in adding extensions to your advert please give your account manager a quick call and speak to them about what you think will work for your business. Our team are all fully trained on Ad Extensions and will be able to help so get in touch today!

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