Aaron Says: What To Write About Your Business

Aaron Says, Newsletter, July 11, 2012 @ 10:48 am 0


We’re often asked “What should I write about my company in order to generate more business?”. I believe that there are a few simple rules that if followed, will result in everyone being able to write about their own business in the right way.




Firstly you need to think about who you are writing for. Know your customer and aim the text you write at a typical client. Many readers will not get past your headline, so make sure that your headline sums up all that is good about your business. Don’t just list what you feel is important about your business; you should also explain why each feature you list will directly benefit your customer. Use simple words, sentences and paragraphs to make your copy easy to read and simple to follow – don’t use 15 words where 5 will do. Use the first sentence to gain interest and use the final sentence to generate action.

Over the next few newsletters we will look more into each aspect of good copywriting, but this is a useful list to benefit our clients and help you create good, punchy advertising and promotional copy that will result in increased business opportunities for your business.


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