Marketing Matters: How To Get More Followers On Twitter

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In such a short space of time we’ve covered the basic principles of social media; setting up and managing profiles, adding buttons and we’ve even talked about the benefits of the platforms themselves. However, we haven’t covered one of the most important concepts in the social media game, how to actually gain followers! Over the next few months we’ll take a look at how you can get more followers on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus,  starting this month with Twitter.


How to get more followers on Twitter

There’s a few simple ways to attract followers to your business’s Twitter account. One of the primary considerations is making sure your Twitter content is relevant, and more importantly, interesting to read. You need to make sure you’re marketing your Twitter profile effectively, so that people actually know about it. You should create a compelling bio, add great images and explain what your business is about and how you can help people. Finally, retweeting other people’s messages and commenting on your followers’ tweets is a must if you want to bond with fellow tweeters – the more you put yourself out there, the more people will see you, which increase your chances of adding new followers, it’s common sense really! Now we’ll take a look at each of these ideas in more detail.


Use & Advertise Your Twitter Account

Once you have your Twitter account set up, you should use it regularly so that your business is a regular feature in people’s Twitter feeds. It is also vital to have your Twitter logo link on all your online literature including email signatures, blogs and other social networks. You could also consider having it on offline literature like business cards.


Relevant & Interesting Content

By Tweeting useful information and informative links you will be part of everyone’s user experience. They will also retweet your massages which will spread the word about your business. Avoid Tweeting about what you had for dinner or amusing stories about your pets unless it is relevant to your business.


Good Profile & Photo

A good, interesting profile pic that shows something about you is helpful for building up your online Twitter persona. When you back this up with a well-written, succinct description about you and your business then people will feel more of a connection to you and be more likely to follow your feed.


Retweet & Comment

If someone else puts an interesting fact, link or comment on their feed then commenting with a relevant (and definitely non-spammy) reply will encourage that person to be interested in you and help build up your online persona as a helpful, interested and interesting member of Twitter.


In Conclusion

Using your Twitter account and being involved in the whole of Twitter, including responding followers and posting up to the minute information will result in your business having a much higher profile on Facebook and your business being followed by more people in turn.

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