Problem Pinboard: Recovery From Google Panda and Penguin

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Google has introduced two new updates to their search algorithms and this has had a dramatic impact on some business’s websites. The 2 updates are called Panda and Penguin and in our Problem Pinboard we will look at how to identify the update that’s sunk your website and also provide steps on getting those precious rankings back. Continue reading to find out more!



Panda Update


Google’s Panda update is designed to make search results more helpful and relevant for the user. Every website that Google indexes now will be passed through the Panda update to establish whether the pages on your website pass their quality control. Panda will effect sites that copy content from elsewhere and will increase the visibility of sites that use original, well-written content and up to date information.


Penguin Update


The Penguin update is also aimed at producing better quality search results, but its prime focus is to eliminate web spam more effectively. This will effect websites that have been manipulated in a way that is unhelpful to the user, i.e. keyword spamming, unnecessary repetition of key terms and phrases, copied content and badly written content will result in websites being penalised.



What happens if my site gets hit by Panda or Penguin?


As ever, these changes are designed to make Google searches more helpful to the end user, but what if your website has been hit? If you have both Google webmaster tools installed and Google Analytics, we might be able to help you out! If you haven’t, please go and install them! They really are useful to have!  (Webmaster Tools/Analytics)

First of all, you need to find out what date your website was hit, this is where Google Analytics comes in. Look for the exact date that your traffic dropped. This is important.


Penguin Recovery


If your website received a drop in traffic between April 24th and 25th 2012, then you have been affected by Google’s Penguin update, which means that it’s your link profile that’s being punished, i.e. the backlinks to your website.

We’ve found in many cases Penguin has penalised websites whose link profile is dominated by keyword-based anchor text alone and has few branded (i.e. “Company Name”) or generic (i.e. “Click Here”) anchor text links.

If this is the case, follow SEOptimise’s link removal strategy, which can be found here, it’s quite in depth, but provides a good methodology to remove low quality links.


Panda Recovery


If your website has been hit on any other dates then it will more than likely be a Panda issue, which is content related. eConsultancy have provided an excellent guide to identify and fix Panda issues, which can be found here.

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