Marketing Matters: How to Get More Followers on Facebook

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Facebook is a fantastic way to share your brand with people interested in your products and services. If you have a lot of followers that have chosen to find out more about your company, then this becomes even easier to do! So, let’s look at how you can increase your followers on Facebook.



Get People To Join Your Community

People like to feel a part of something. Make your community feel large, friendly and inclusive, you want your followers to feel as if they would be missing out by not joining your community, group or fan page. Tag people in your posts, comment of other people’s posts and make sure your page and your brand appear on everyone’s news feed on a regular basis – this maintains presence on Facebook and makes people want to join to find out what they’re missing.


Create A Core Promo Team

Selecting a core group of major players to promote and talk about your brand is a good way to share the word about your business and help build trust with your followers. Send your key members personal messages saying thanks for all the support and help them feel emotionally invested in your brand. If you select the right players with large social networks and they “suggest” to their friends to join your network then your Facebook brand will grow with trust, credibility and speed.


Provide Exclusive, Specialist Content

A Facebook specific coupon, free gift or gift card is a great way to reward your fans’ loyalty and adds value to your fan page. If your company has a specific product or niche service then video content related to your industry is often a great help while keeping people up to date on events and news makes you and your business appear even more valuable and keeps you in the forefront of their minds.


Make Fan Pages Forum Pages

Once you have started building up the buzz and have followers commenting on your industry, product and business then you can start turning your fan page into a crowd sourcing forum. If you are releasing a new product or providing a special offer, or have a new service then asking for ideas from your fan pages involves your members and gives you valuable information.


To increase followers on Facebook, keep using Facebook, keep commenting and involve yourself in related communities, in particular, make sure you listen and respond to your fans on your forums and pages and you will be benefitting from all the latest marketing that social media has to offer.

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