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This month, let’s take a look at good blogging. It’s all well and good having a blog, but anyone who writes a blog on a regular basis will know that it can be hard to find fresh, interesting and innovative content to inspire and motivate your customers and users. Here is a look at some ways you can create high quality, engaging content on a regular basis.



Local Newspaper Articles

If you have a local following then using local newspaper articles to inspire blog posts is a great way to show you are a part of the local community and keep it relevant for your users. Recap events and even add your own opinion or funny comments to keep it personal.


Debunk A Myth

People enjoy reading about how a popular myth or idea is a complete misconception. This will often result in people forwarding the link to their friends and keeps your blog in the public eye. As an example – goldfish have a fairly decent memory that is a lot longer than 3 seconds and there is no scientific reason for a rule that says you MUST drink 8 glasses of water of day.


Use Relevant Quotations

People always enjoy reading a good quote, particularly if that quote is relevant to the business that you are in, either from an expert in the field or related to the service or product you provide.


Write About Your Business

People are there to find out more about your business, so when something goes well, or you have a great example of recent work, shout about it on your blog and let people know.


Just keep up writing your blog, make it interesting and relevant, and your blog will continue to keep your business in the forefront of your client’s minds and make sure that you are the first point of call when they are looking for a similar company!


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