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How do you ensure that people searching on Google can find your address and see you on a map of the local area? The answer has become quite simple – you use Google Places! The next question we often see from our clients is “How do we increase ranking and visibility on Google places?” so we have put together some pointers that will help you improve your Google places ranking.


  • Make sure your actual, physical, business address is in the city that people are searching on
  • When entering your business into Google places, make sure you put the correct category listings in
  • The proximity of your business to the place of search will influence ranking
  • How well your website performs on searches and how popular your site is will influence ranking position
  • Putting local area codes on your home page will also show a tie-in to the area you want to appear on Google Places with.


For a more detailed review of all the ways you can improve your website rankings on Google Places, please look at the table below. It is maintained by David Mihm and his local ranking factors are an excellent tool to help you achieve better rankings on Google Places.


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