Back to School for Search Marketers

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There are always new techniques and methods that search marketers will use to improve the results from their website. Hours spent trawling through forums, reading newsletters and testing out different designs on your website and search phrases will help, but sometimes you just need to remind yourself of the basics. Let’s go “Back to School for Search Marketers”.


English Class

Spellcheck and grammar checks are vital. If you spell things correctly and use appropriate grammar then your message is communicated in a much clearer manner. Accurate use of English will project an image of your company as being careful on the details, intelligent and thoughtful.

It is also worth bearing in mind that although YOU know how to spell “bookkeeping” (or whatever search term you are using), other people may not! If you take this into account, then you can often purchase misspellings of search terms at low prices, i.e. “bookeeping” “book-keeping” or “book keeping”.


Maths Class

Your account manager has a great deal of data about your keywords and search phrases to help you understand how people are using your adwords campaigns. It is possible that one phrase generates more visits to your site but they convert less often, while what seems like a less successful phrase might have a higher return on investment.

By looking at click through rate with account manager and comparing this with the analytics from your own website or webpage you can see exactly how your keywords are performing and make informed decisions on campaigns and additional search phrases.


Science Class

Good science is about testing theories, so let’s apply this to our search phrases. There are many variables in how a search phrase performs – the actual search phrase, the wording on the advert, the wording on the landing page and the website itself.

Each phrase can have multiple a texts on the same keyphrase. You can even use different landing pages within a site for each advert. These different adtexts are rotated randomly until one seems to work better than any others. Why don’t you run tests by adding new phrases, adwords, changing text and varying landing pages – you may be surprised at what you find!


Ready To Start School?

So, the new school year is here, are you ready to start? Remember your English, Maths and Science and your campaigns will enjoy a new start to the school year as well!

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