Marketing Matters: How to Make Call to Actions More Effective

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Good Call To Action words (CTAs) on your website, and within your adwords text, are essential to getting the most out of your online advertising campaigns. Let’s first take a look at what a CTA actually is.




What Is A CTA?

A CTA is a button, banner, graphic or a set of words that the customer can click on while using a website and leads the customer toward a final sale. A CTA will result in a click or an action that can be measured and compared with final conversion figures to give a formula of that CTA success.


What Are Good CTA Words?

It is difficult to give a list of good CTA words as what works well is dependent on your business sector and your specific products or services. Ideas would include “Download Now For Free” as this is immediate, and gives the customer the information they require. “Save 20%” is a great way to promote clicks as everyone likes something for nothing. “Call For A Free Quote” works really well for anyone providing price quotes. And the big one “BUY NOW” to make it easy for your clients to actually go through to a final sale.


Common CTA Mistakes

Not having a visible, promoted CTA is the most common mistake, make your CTA big, visible and clear to follow. Have your CTA above the fold so that it is visible immediately upon visiting the site. Be confident, clear and specific with your CTA. Have just one or two CTAs so clients have a clear path to follow to the product or service you offer.


Am I Ready To Use CTAs?

You are probably already using CTAs just by relying on your own business instinct, the question should be, is it possible to make them better? By analysing the results from clicks on your CTAs you can tell if they are working. Furthermore, if you test different CTAs then you can get data on what works better for your particular business.


Shall I Use CTAs?

A good CTA is proven to be able to make a huge difference to your campaign. Keep your eye on your CTAs, vary them as the market changes, watch how people click through them on your website and make sure that your CTAs are working for you to maximise the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

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