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Adwords campaigns are now being made even more interactive and detailed! Soon, Adwords campaigns will contain dynamic features and exciting displays to promote your services to the right people at the right time whenever they search on Google for your type of products or services.



1/ ‘Reminder’ Extension

One of the forthcoming extensions that I suspect people will find incredibly useful is the “Reminder Extension”.  Although this is only in beta-testing at the moment I have trialled it and can’t wait for this to be available to everyone.  With 3 clicks on the Advert that you want to be reminded about, you automatically set an email to be sent to you about that advert at a time of your choosing. This is useful if you are advertising a “Large Clothing Sale” at a specific time, or find a perfect present for your partner but want to buy it closer to the date.


2/ ‘Offers’ Extension

If your business is running an online advertising campaign with Adwords then you can maximise the impact of any special offers by changing the wording on your adtext. However, the new “Offers” extension allows you to add a special offer to your standard adtext in its own link and enable to customer to go straight to a specific page, or even give them a redeemable coupon or ticket for your physical shop.


3/ Search Based Re-marketing

Everyone that has searched online for a specific product or service will have noticed the way you are presented with similar adverts when simply browsing the internet. This is due to the fact that customers are targeted with specific adverts based on previous searches. While this has run in display adverts for a long time, it now looks like this will be able to happen on paid searches. We expect this to be added on soon to standard Google marketing.


4/ Enhanced Sitelinks

Sitelinks have been on Google adwords for a while and have proved highly popular; these Sitelinks have been jazzed up to communicate even more information for a potential customer to make a decision on. In essence, when you search for a specific product or service and there is a Google Adwords advert showing, the advertiser has the option to include further links underneath the adtext for specific pages within the website. This is reported to receive up to 30% more clicks than a simple sitelink advert.








5/ Adverts With Product Listings

This is very useful for businesses selling a large product line. If a potential customer is searching for an office desk then a company can put on a catalogue of images with prices so the customer can shop directly from Google and make a purchase with one click! This is fantastic for companies with wide range of products enabling Google to navigate their website simply and quickly.


Stay ahead of your competitors and call your Townpages account manager to find out anything else about these extensions and enhanced services. While some are available already, soon you will see all these developments on Google Adwords campaigns and your business could be at the forefront of this revolution!

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