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The Townpages marketing team recently discovered that a small website, Justice for People ( had posted a complaint online about our services. The comments on the site are wholly inaccurate.



Dealing with facts

(based on detailed voice recordings, letters and logged emails on the system)


The claims from

  • The client never agreed to the sale
  • have sent a contract of sale to Townpages
  • Townpages have settled out of court
  • Townpages “conned” the client


None of these claims are correct:

  • We have a recorded conversation confirming the clients agreement

This conversation has been sent to the client

The client provided inaccurate banking details

Client subsequently claimed to have never made the agreement

Client did everything possible to ensure Townpages were involved in protracted timewasting correspondance while recovering the monies due

  • We have not received a contract of sale from

In fact, we have received no written correspondence from them whatsoever

If we hadn’t discovered the website while carrying out SEO on our own website we wouldn’t even be aware they existed

  • We have not settled anything out of court

This hasn’t gone to court, in fact, there isn’t even a case, so Townpages wouldn’t, and haven’t, settled anything out of court

  • There has been no attempt to defraud by Townpages

Our policy of recording and logging all contact with clients along with the use of monthly rolling contracts demonstrate that we have nothing to gain by acting fraudulently


In Conclusion


It is with regret that we need to explain the case here, but it is necessary to do so until remove the erroneous claims about the sale and about Townpages as a company. This whole matter could have been settled very simply if the business owner had the courtesy to respond to contact from Townpages in the early stages.

If you personally have any concerns whatsoever about Townpages, please pick up the phone and give us a call and we will happily answer all your questions. You will always be able to speak to a representative during normal business hours, our business address is on our website and we are committed to business transparency. We will provide an honest, accurate and trustworthy response to everyone that contacts us.

Thanks for reading.

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