5 Tips for Successful Christmas Marketing

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Christmas is the peak selling time for a huge amount of businesses that advertise with Townpages. In fact, some businesses manage to sell almost as much during the Christmas period as they manage for the rest of the year combined. This means that for many businesses the Christmas period represents a disproportionate percentage of their annual profits and it is vital to maximise earnings during this time.

With so many businesses looking to profit over the Christmas period it is essential that to do well you need to market yourself in the right way to the right people. The main foundation of your marketing needs to be consistently solid all year round, but at this time of year you can build even higher. There are a number of additional extras and gimmicks that you can add to your marketing over Christmas and we will cover these in this article.


1/ Know Your Target Market

This is one of the most important considerations as it will help you choose the specific advertising and marketing that you will carry out. Successfully marketing to 9 year old children requires a totally different approach to selling specific products or services to men aged 35 – 45. Through detailed knowledge of the target market you can select the right timing for your adverts, the tone of the advertising, the best typography, packaging, communication and colours.


2/ Have A Clear Plan

To ensure the best approach to your Christmas marketing a clear plan will be invaluable. You should also keep records of all marketing so that you can refine your advertising in following years. There is no exact science to your marketing plan, but it should be based on the knowledge of your customers, the products and services you sell and the different wording on your adverts.


3/ Is It Likely To Be Bought As A Gift?

One of the issues with good Christmas marketing is understanding whether the product or service will be bought for an individual themselves or as a gift for someone else. If it is to be bought as a gift then there are a few more considerations as you are now promoting to multiple audiences. Instead of only marketing to men in their mid-thirties to mid-forties you are now marketing to their wives, partners, relatives and friends who might be buying your target market a gift.


4/ How Do You Promote To Multiple Audiences?

Each group that you are promoting to needs a slightly different approach and message from your marketing. For a shaving set aimed at men in their mid-thirties to mid-forties you need to show them how it is the right shaving set for their needs and encourage them to buy it based on their requirements (or even hint to their friends and family that’s what they want). While you do this, you need also to communicate directly to his friends and family that this gift will come well packaged, well presented, and is the popular choice for this Christmas.


5/ Benefits Not Just Features

At Christmas you have a lot of people searching online for a lot of different things and comparing lots of different products. The key to standing out is not to tell people what the features of your specific product or service is, but to explain quickly and simply how these features will benefit the potential customer.


So, in our example, you wouldn’t say “Brand Y shaving set has a rubber strip on the blade and a sharpening pad” as this doesn’t make your product immediately stand out from the rest on the market. The benefit of the rubber strip is a “safer, less painful shave” and the sharpening pad “saves money and reduces the need to buy expensive blades”. These facts will make your shaving set stand out during a quick search online.


If you follow these simple ideas then you give your business, your products and your services the best chance to sell during this time of year. If you have any questions about how to change or adapt your Adwords text and marketing please call your Townpages sales account manager and speak to them. They will be able to help in any way they can.

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