Alan Says: Choosing the Right Email Address for your Business

Alan Says, Newsletter, December 5, 2012 @ 2:29 pm 0


A typical question that I am asked on an almost weekly basis is “What email addresses should I use for my business, and what is the best way to write them?” I hope to be able to provide some ideas and perhaps even a few answers here.


There are 3 standard conventions to writing a personal email address; we will look at each one and its associated use as well as the different addresses for generic departments. To help us get a feel for each email address we will use my name “Alan Thomas” as the example


Formal Email Address


This is the most formal arrangement for a personal email address. It suggests a larger company where people need to be identified by both first and last name.


Less Formal or


This is not as formal as the firstname.lastname email address but is a happy medium ground allowing for more people to join your company yet still maintain naming convention, this can also be useful if you have a name with a wide variety of spellings.




This is the most informal naming convention and is good if you are proud of the smaller size of your business. This says that you are likely to remain the only Alan at the company and lets your customers know that they are dealing directly with the same person each time. In addition, it makes the email address easier to remember!


Generic Department Addresses


These are the most used email addresses for generic departments and allow customers to email a group of people to be picked up straight away by the relevant people. It’s also a good idea to start with only a few email addresses to avoid confusion and slowly build up as necessary to avoid having addresses that remain unused.

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