Problem Pinboard: Making Online & Offline Marketing Work Together

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Many companies have taken the decision to choose between online and offline advertising focusing on one area at the expense of the other. After examining all our clients advertising we have discovered that the businesses doing well are the ones that combine their online and offline advertising.


Running a large and successful online campaign works fantastically well for all businesses, the very successful companies combine this with carefully selected offline advertising to maximise the impact to your local community. The purpose of this article is to show how carefully selected offline advertising or marketing will reinforce the message you put online and result in improved sales.


What is meant by “Offline Marketing”?

Offline marketing, simply put, is marketing that doesn’t involve the internet. This may include flyers through letterboxes, bill boards, magazines, sponsorship of local events and newspapers. We have found that the majority of local customers locate our clients through searching on Google, however, when this message is backed up or supported by an advert in their local parish newsletter or a local flyer campaign then results increase exponentially.


What is meant by “Online Marketing”?

The short answer is that online marketing is marketing that happens on the internet. The more complex answer is that this includes web-sites, Adwords campaigns, blogs, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and much more.


How do they work together?

Online and offline marketing work together to enhance your business message. Your website is the central part of your marketing and at some point every single customer you have will visit your website, gather information and read about your business. If you can put your website address out into the local area then you will encourage visitors to your website and this can be achieved with well-chosen offline marketing when you have a specific message to communicate.


What sort of things can we do?

If you are offering a special deal at any time, then a flyer through the doors of potential customers can act as an impetus to get people online to your website. The important thing with off and online marketing is that the brands match up, each is instantly recognisable as your business using colours, fonts and graphics and that these consistently promote the same message.

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