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Choosing images (or pictures) is one of the most important things to get right when putting a website together, the wrong image doesn’t present your company in the best light while the right image promotes you better than a 1,000 words! As one of the designers at Townpages I am often asked about how to send over pictures for websites, what format is best for a website and how to source the right images.

How Do I Get The Right Images?

We recommend that customers take photographs of their own work using a good digital camera at the highest settings. If you take before and after shots then this is even better, Use good lighting and take the images from a variety of angles. If you are struggling with providing your own images please take a look online at photographs you like and we will see if we can source similar ones ourselves.

What Format Is Best?

We can work with jpegs and these are the usual format that we receive images in although we are also happy to use tiff files as well for hi quality images. The key is to make sure your photographs are as large and as high quality as possible so that when they appear on your website they really show a touch of class, good quality images make a website look significantly better.

How Do I Send Over Images?

Email is usually the easiest and simplest way to send us images for your website. You can open a new email and click [Attachments] to attach your images before emailing them to design@townpages.co.uk. Alternatively, if you have a lot of images or only have them on CD, please post them to us at:

Townpages Design Department
Transaction House
Skyways Commercial Campus
Amy Johnson Way

As usual, if you have any questions, please call your account manager and they will be available to help. Happy snapping!

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