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What Will The New Year Of 2013 Bring With Digital Marketing?

There have been many recent hints for what we can expect and how online advertising might develop. Quite often the key is to embrace the digital marketing developments as soon as possible, read as much as you can on blogs and newsletters and learn what works for your business. Our newsletter is designed to get you started, if you have any further questions please call your account manager and they will be able to clarify and expand on any points raised here.

Latest Advertising Formats

Understand your customer, look at how they purchase your products or services and gain as much information as possible about related interests. Once you know where your customers are looking then you can start to add pre-roll video adverts, piggy backed advertising and in-image adverts that target the right consumers at the right time and avoids banner-blindness and irrelevant advertising.

Location Features

If you use social media then you’ve probably seen Path, and Foursquare links and comments from your online friends. These location features could benefit from a whole article in our newsletter dedicating to them, however, in brief, you “claim” the location of your business using a simple set up and GPS positioning, list your business and from then on images, links, advertising and customer reviews will then appear on everyone’s social networks promoting your business to a huge range of customers and their friends.

User Generated Content

Creating a network of relevant, interested customers used to be a challenge, finding people, getting their contact information and knowing how to target them, however, that has all started changing with the advent of social media. By checking what users are sharing about your business and looking at known customers social feeds you can target marketing information and generally interesting information to the right people and ensure that your network of customers and potential customers is told about everything you can promote.

Format For A Specific Device

There are now a huge variety of platforms and devices a consumer can use to access online information and marketing details. Mobile telephones of many different types, tablets, PCs and laptops are here to stay and we can expect new devices to be added in the future. Don’t just use the same display format for each, but think about the specifics for each platform and encourage the consumer to interact with your marketing on a device specific basis.

Wrapping Up

This is an overall guide to some major changes that are happening in the online marketing world. As people change in the way they interact with all the advancements in media and technology the successful companies will be the ones that engage with the latest trends and understand how their customers are using online media. If you have any questions or ideas please contact your Townpages account manager and they will be happy to help in any way.

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