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Over the years we’ve had clients that have fallen victim to attacks on their website from third parties. In the past we’ve had to test and test and test to find out why a site was being penalised. Fortunately, Google is now providing notifications to webmasters about website issues that could affect their search engine presence.

To benefit from these notifications you need to sign up to Google’s webmaster tools. Webmaster tools provides detailed reports about the visibility of your websites pages. To sign up visit: and follow the simple instructions.

After you sign up and register your website you’ll qualify to receive these notifications. If you don’t have any actionable issues, you won’t receive a notification, but if there are problems that can be solved, Google will email and inform you. You may be notified about critical issues, unnatural links, malware etc. Along with the notification, you will receive a strategy to resolve the problem and once followed you can submit your website for a reconsideration request (

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