Barney Says: 5 Steps to Keyword Success

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Make sure you are using the best keywords to promote your business, follow my 5 simple steps and get the best Adwords campaign possible!




Use Different Variations

Your clients and customers may regularly use different terms for your services or products, so you should always make sure these are represented in your keywords. Whether synonyms, numbers, alternative spellings, plurals or colloquial terms, have a think about what users might be typing into Google to find your business and make sure you grab that share of the search.


Target, Specific Keywords

Avoid being too general and bear in mind that lots of traffic isn’t necessarily what you want, targeted, specific phrases that create focused traffic will always give better results and help you develop your campaign with more information. Single keywords are often too generic while two and three word phrases will attract the right users to your site.


Tie It Together

The wording in your Adwords text should be directly related to the phrases that you are using to promote your business. This wording should also be linked to the wording on your website to create a unified, helpful solution for prospective customers.


In The Customer’s Shoes

Have a think about your customers. Better still, have a chat with your customers and see what they are (or might) typing into the Google search bar to locate businesses, services and products exactly like yours.


Understand What Makes A Good Phrase

Highly specific, targeted phrases linked to your own adwords, previous advertising and website will encourage the right sort of customer to click on your advert, the more information you can give your account manager, the better the campaign will be.


So, when thinking about new keywords, run through my 5 tips, apply them to your business and speak to your account manager. We welcome all input and are always looking for ways to enhance your advertising!

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