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Ever wondered how to increase your exposure on Google Places? Ever wondered why you’re not appearing on the map for your local keywords? Well local citations have a big part to play in doing just that. Keep reading to find out what these citations are and how to get a hold of them!



Local SEO citations & Reputation Management

In case you haven’t heard – Local SEO citations are the new kid on the block when you want to make the internet earn money for you and your business! No matter what business model you follow, targeting consumers through their mobile devices is essential. Local SEO citations will work together with a well-run adwords campaign and increase traffic to your site every time!


Make Sure You Are On Google Places

This article is written from the starting point that your business already has a Google Places page (as discussed in an earlier newsletter).  If you haven’t yet set up Google Places just go here: and follow the instructions to set it up, this is one of the most helpful things you can do for your business related to the Google search system. Google Places is vital to increase local success of your business online.


What Are Google Citations

Citations are instances when your business address and name appear on other company’s websites. An example might be Townpages Free Listings where your business is listed but not linked to. Although this doesn’t link directly to your website, this will still help your business rank. All other factors being equal a business having more citations will rank above a similar business with fewer citations. It is also vital that the name, address and postcode (NAP) displayed on other sites match the NAP displayed on your own and your Google+ page.


Where Can I Get Google Citations?

Citations are often found on directories and this is a great place to start, but we also find a great deal of citations from social media websites (see our article about Foursquare this month [link to article]), forums, press releases and blogs.


How do I get Google Citations?

As we say, the best starting place is directories, 5 good starting points for the UK market are listed below, but please search through Google for many more.


It is a fairly simple process to sign up for the free listing service on 99% of the UK’s directories. Go on the sites and register your business giving accurate NAP and business information, opening hours and even photos and descriptions if possible.


What Can I Expect?

Citations without links will benefit the position of your company on internet search as a whole, you should see your ranking steadily improve, and we hope that this results in increased business for you. Townpages are all about helping our customers, please let us know about any benefits you gain and follow this link [] to start building your citations with an additional Free Listing on Townpages!

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