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We’ve looked at a number of social networking sites in our Newsletters, and today it’s the turn of Foursquare! With more than 25million registered members, more than a million businesses registered and over 3 billion check ins, this might be the ideal local, social solution for your business.


Foursquare social networking

We have looked at a number of social networking sites through the many editions of Townpages Newsletter, and today it’s the turn of Foursquare! On first appearances it looks very impressive already with more than 25million registered members, more than a million businesses registered using the Merchant Platform and over 3 billion check ins!


How Does Foursquare Work?

Users download the app free of charge onto their smartphone, PC or laptop. As you move around using a coffee shop here, a restaurant there, take a visit to an art gallery, hop on a bus and visit a business opportunity at their offices you can be gaining Foursquare badges. Wetherspoon’s and many other national businesses use Foursquare to attract business already.


What Are Foursquare Badges

These create fun situations where businesses want to attract people to their premises, and people want to visit places to build up their Foursquare points, as well as using it as a fantastic source of local information! If you check in more times than any other local user then you even become the “Mayor” of that establishment, well, at least until someone else takes over that honorary role!


How Do You Share Your Special Rewards?

Once your business is on Foursquare and being promoted to all the users in the area, you can put a “Special” on. As an example, you could offer a 20% discount  if they are logged in to Foursquare, or even provide a Free Coffee for the “Mayor” of the your establishment if they bring another person with them. The limits are only your imagination, log in to Foursquare today and see how to make it work for you, your business and your loyal customers.


Will Foursquare Work For Me?

Like all social networks the purpose of Foursquare is to interact with other people. Foursquare will encourage people to discuss your business online and find something to do when in your area. It is already working for other businesses across the world; why not see if it can work for you and let us know what happens, you never know, we may even become the online Mayor of your business!

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