Barney Says: AdWords Review Extensions – Add Testimonials to Your Ads

Barney Says, Newsletter, July 23, 2013 @ 10:15 am 0


We’ve seen a huge rise in the number of customers taking advantage of the various AdWords extensions available as part of your Google AdWords campaign. There’s a new extension available that allows you to use customer reviews to sell your company and products within an ad.



AdWords Review extensions enable us to add testimonials to our AdWords campaigns giving users instant access to your online reviews. With 60% of people reading more than 5 reviews about local businesses before engaging, this is a great selling point and encourages your potential customers to click on your advert and see your products.


It’s important that the following are true (AdWords Guidelines):

– Content displayed in review extensions must come from a reputable 3rd party source, and must comply with standard AdWords policies.

– It’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re allowed to use a specific review in your ads.

– To protect users and other businesses from deceptive claims, we use automated and human-based systems to confirm the validity and policy compliance of all review extensions.

If you want to experiment with review extensions in your AdWords campaign please contact your account manager and they will arrange this with you.


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