Marketing Matters: 85% Read Local Business Reviews

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Taking the time to read industry articles about how your potential customers search on Google can be incredibly useful for your business, helping you target your marketing spend in all the right areas. Understanding how people search will give you vital information that allows you to write the best wording for your website and influence search results in the best possible way.


Unfortunately, if you read everything available on the internet about local search then you would be left with only 5 minutes a day to actually run your business. This is where Townpages can help! Our internet advisers and search marketing specialists take the time to keep up to date with all local search trends and report this on a month by month basis for all our customers.


80% Of Local Users Read Local Business Reviews

Let’s look at this result – it means that consumers and potential customers are taking online reviews into account; it is also likely that these people are basing their spending decision on the reviews they read. It gets even more interesting as you drill down into the data – over 60% of people searching locally on Google will read up to 6 reviews online.


Word Of Mouth – Online Reputation

We recommend that all our customers encourage customers to place a review of their business or company online. Reviews can be encouraged through incentives, membership schemes, simply speaking to your customers about it or by making the review process as easy as possible for the customer. By listing local reviews, many local businesses are finding that customer retention is easier for them than larger national businesses. Harness the power of online reviews for your business today!


Placing Reviews Online

There are many ways for your customers to place online reviews – you can have a dedicated page on your website (and even use a QR code to access the page for simplicity), or post reviews on your Google+ page, Facebook page or one of the many other free directories on the internet. Whatever you do, and however you do it, make sure that your local customers talk online to other potential customers by posting reviews, it will help your business stay connected to the people that matter.

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