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We’ve already helped you recover from the first Penguin algorithm change, but Google has now rolled out a further update. So if you’re traffic has taken a hit recently, specifically around the 22nd May, this is the article for you.

As you know, Townpages’ newsletter is designed to inform our customers of changes to Google search and also to help you find solutions to problems. With the most recent update, Penguin 2.0 seems to again target low quality links, but on a grander scale than its predecessor. Let’s take a look at how you can claw you rankings and traffic back after taking a hit from the Penguin!


Let’s take a step-by-step look at a solution!

1) First, establish what links you have coming in to your website. One simple method is to use Google Webmaster and utilise the inbound links tool. Download this list so you have a clear knowledge of what is linking in to your site.

2) Take a look at each link, work out the spammy ones and isolate them. Spammy links are from sites with over-optimisation of keywords (known as keyword stuffing), links from sites that promote unrelated products or obviously “fake” websites. If you have 1,000s of inbound links, using a tool such as Scrapebox can save you a lot of time here!

3) Send a request to the website links you want removing asking them to remove the link, they will do this around 25% of the time at best but it is essential that you send this request before continuing.

4) After requesting a removal, you can then carry out a request to disavow any links you don’t want. Google Webmasters again provide a helpful tool to help you do this.

5) Ask Google to look at your site again and re-index based on the changes you have made. This is known as ‘resubmitting your site’ to Google and as ever, those good folks at Google have provided us with a tool to make this as simple as possible.

6) From now on, build quality into your site with useful, good links, decent, interesting and helpful content and links to social media platforms where you promote your business.

Good luck with these changes, any questions, call or email your account manager and they will be happy to help, or work with you to find out the answers you need!

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